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An introduction to CMGS and its features.

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System controls for enterprise environments.

Get ManagementSuite API

Rest API

Integrates with your control system.

Collaborative ManagementSuite

Our Collaborative ManagementSuite (CMGS) is specifically designed for enterprise clients who need a robust solution for managing wePresent models in a large deployment environment.

Collaborative ManagementSuite Features

Providing IT professionals and network administrators with web control to monitor, diagnose and update wePresent units within their enterprise environments.

Support, Update & Configure

Support & Update units with ManagementSuite
  • Power Cycle One or Multiple Units
  • Update Firmware for Any Unit on Your Network
  • Diagnose Network Connection Issues
  • Make Changes to Unit Settings
  • Apply Customized Start Screen Wallpaper


Support & Update units with ManagementSuite
  • On-Demand or Scheduled Command Activities
  • View Scheduled Commands
  • Filter Scheduled Commands by Location, Unit Type or Date
  • View Progress Status for All Scheduled Commands

User Moderation

ManagementSuite users
  • Unique User Accounts with Designated Locations if Needed
  • Customized User Access Using User Profiles or Specific Settings
  • View User Activity and Connectivity to Units
  • Individual User History Logs
ManagementSuite Rest API

Rest API

Utilizing Rest API, wePresent control system commands can be integrated within your existing enterprise AV management software.

WePresent now offers a REST Application Programming Interface (API) document that gives IT professionals the ability to incorporate business needs and functionality into your enterprise.

Get Collaborative ManagementSuite API

Get Started with ManagementSuite

Managing wePresent presentation gateways has never been easier. ManagementSuite is specifically designed to take the IT hassle out of interactive and collaborative system administration.

sharepod Step 1

Step #1

Create a ManagementSuite account from the online portal.

sharepod  Step 2

Step #2

Configure your network to check for firmware updates.

sharepod  Step 3

Step #3

Configure a SMTP server for user registration and notifications.

sharepod  Step 4

Step #4

Configure security settings to lock down your environment.

Common ManagementSuite Questions

How many units can I monitor?

You can monitor an unlimited number of units. ManagementSuite even allows you to create a location hierarchy to make identification of units easier.

Can I deploy mass firmware updates?

You can mass-deploy firmware updates in real time or schedule an update to any number of units on your network.

Can I update background images?

ManagementSuite allows you to store and deploy background wallpaper to any unit in your environment instantly without the need to reboot.

Web Control for Your wePresent Environment
Request ManagementSuite for easy administration of large deployments.

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